What Is Credit for Prior Learning?


Video: Prior Learning Assessment: Get Credit for What You Know


Did you know that you can get college credit for things that you've learned as part of your job?

You can, and the Prior Learning Assessment team at Dallas College is here to help!

Throughout the semester, students work online with our faculty to create a portfolio of their on-the-job learning, and college credits are awarded based off an assessment of their work.

Students who are awarded college credit for prior learning get closer to a degree faster because they don't have to attend and study for classes and subjects they've already mastered.

By using prior learning assessment, students can save over $1100 in tuition and fees and earn up to 15 credit hours in a single semester.

There are no textbooks required and all materials are provided online.

To find out more and determine your eligibility check out DallasCollege.edu/PLA