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I actually received an email from Dallas College. They were promoting the PLA program. I immediately applied for it and I was enrolled within the next week.​ I've been running a business for about 20 years in the past.

I actually created all the new patient paperwork for my current office. I set up the policies and procedure manuals, the payroll, I did all kinds of stuff.

So what I did is I actually took my experience and created these essays. You would just basically write about a 150 words about your concrete experience, your generalization of that experience, and then the theories of the experience. And then the last part is how you would take that experience and apply it and future settings. I'm already familiar with its material. And it's just kinda reaffirming what I've kinda already learned and I'm getting good grades because of it. Thankfully.

I'm working on the associates for Business Administration. If this course were not available to me, I would have had to take a full semester of those courses. I'm actually going to be able to get my degree early because of this course. It's going to make the time go by a little bit faster so I can start working on the next thing, which is, my business.

I want to get my bachelor's and my master's. So I'm really working towards that within the next ten years. I think it affects my daughter in a way that it makes her see that education is really important. It makes me feel very proud and I've worked really hard all my life and to be able to have this opportunity and have her see me. You know, it's just been it's been a blessing. It's a great opportunity to reflect on your own work history that you have and being able to apply it, you already have the knowledge.

Just feel confident that you can do it. Anybody can do this if they really, really put their mind to it.

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