Previous Learning Experiences

Here is a sampling of the rich learning experiences by Dall​​as College students:


Brookhaven Choral Society to Croatia

Dallas College students went on a choral adventure through Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Trip Date: June 2023
Class Details: MUAZ Continuing Education Option


La Meridiana Ceramic School Field Study Course

Dallas College students went on a ten-day intensive ceramics workshop, set in Certaldo, Italy.

Trip Date: June 2023
Course Enrollment Requirements: ARTS 2346, ARTS 2347 or ARTS 2311


Civil Rights Trip (In-Country)

Dallas College faculty led an opportunity to walk in the steps of the Civil Rights leaders in Alabama. They visited museums, memorials and historic sites, from Birmingham to Selma.

Trip Date: March 2023
Course Enrollment Requirements: Varied


Community College Boot Camps in France

Students from around the globe met at the Rennes School of Business to discuss environmental challenges and built their skills in becoming a sustainable business leader.

Trip Date: June 2023