Video: Welcome to WorkReadyU

Welcome to WorkReadyU, a no-cost, adult education program that will teach you the skills needed for success. Together, we will educate, communicate, and elevate to new career opportunities. Let’s review the requirements, classes, resources, and next steps to start your Dallas College journey.

WRU requires that you provide a photo ID, live in Dallas County, and have not yet obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Classes are available year-round, with flexible hours, and at multiple locations. Our program is comprised of three academic areas:

English as a Second Language, or ESL, to improve your communication in listening, speaking, reading, and writing conversational English, High School Equivalency, or HSE, to increase your skills in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies to earn your GED, and Job Training to launch your career in fields such as welding, teaching, nursing, baking, designing, plumbing, manufacturing, and so much more.

As a Dallas College student, you automatically gain access to valuable resources including transportation, counseling, tutoring, and food assistance.

You’ll start by taking the assessment to let us know where you stand academically and help us determine which classes will work best for your skill level. Next, you’ll review the results and determine your schedule with your success coach. This adviser is available for in-person or virtual appointments throughout every step of your academic and professional journey.

If you ever have any questions throughout your WRU experience:

Email us at

Thank you for your interest and congratulations on taking the first step to your success.