Rights and Responsibilities

We​ respect your rights as a patient and recognize that you are an individual with unique health care needs. As your partners in preventive oral health, we have identified specific rights you can expect while in our care.

Release of Records

Patients have the right to request a review or copy of their patient record under HIPAA and Texas Health & Safety Code 181.001 unless releasing the record would cause substantial and identifiable harm to the patient (mental health, disabilities, alcohol or drug treatment programs).

The Dallas College dental hygiene clinic will send a copy of patient records to a third party at the patient’s request. If you would like to exercise this right, you will request a record release form from the administrative staff of the Dallas College dental hygiene clinic. The dental hygiene clinic only releases records with a signed patient request and will provide patient information that is in a designated record set.

The clinic does not charge a fee for the release of records. Per Texas Health & Safety Code 181.001 HB300, the clinic has 15 days to act on the release of records request which begins when the clinic receives the request.

Patient Rights

Every patient has the right to expect:

  • Compassionate and confidential care.
  • Respect and courtesy in a safe environment.
  • Information that is complete and easy to understand.
  • Prompt response to needs, questions, and concerns.
  • Participation in decision-making about treatment benefits, risks, and alternatives.

Patient Expectations

Appointments: Patients will attend all scheduled appointments for the length of time they are scheduled and provide a 48-hour notice if they need to reschedule their appointments.

Medical Consultation: A medical consultation from a health care provider may be needed prior to receiving treatment at the dental hygiene clinic. This decision will be made by the licensed dentist on staff at Dallas College and explained during your appointment.

Patient Behavior: Patients will be respectful and considerate of all Dallas College dental hygiene employees and students. Any unbecoming behavior will result in dismissal from the dental hygiene clinic.