Confirm Your Teaching Schedule on Self-Service

  Faculty Onboarding Guide

Follow the instructions on this page to locate your teaching schedule on Self-Service. You’ll also use Self-Service to view your class rosters and post your office hours.

Instructions: Locate Your Teaching Schedule

Note: The steps below assume that you have already set up your eConnect account.

  1. Navigate to Self-Service.
    • When you are prompted to log-in, enter your username (example: e1234567) in the Student/Employee/Retiree ID field. Do not add to the end of your username.
    • In the Password field, enter your Single Sign-On password. (This is the same password you use to log in to your eConnect and Dallas College email account.)
    • Screenshot of Self Service log in screen with an arrow pointing to the user name field
  2. Select Faculty from the menu.
    • Screenshot of Self Service welcome screen with an arrow pointing to the faculty menu
  3. Locate the semester you are teaching and view the classes listed.
    • Screenshot of Self Service entitled Mnage your courses by selectiing the section below with arrows pointing to semester and class section
    • From this screen you can also view the location of your classes, their availability, and the certification date. Selecting the title of a course will take you to your class roster.

Next Step: eCampus

After you have verified your teaching schedule, move on to the next account setup step: Confirm Your eCampus courses have been created.