How to Import Contacts Into Outlook

Video Transcript:

Exported Outlook contacts can be imported into an Outlook web account such as Office 365. This video will show how to import a contacts list as well as view the imported contacts in your Office 365 Outlook account. So let's get started. 

  1. To import a .csv file type, log into your Outlook Office 365 email account.
  2. From the Outlook account, select the People icon located in the bottom left of the navigation pane to display the Contacts page.
  3. From the Contacts page, click the Manage button and select Import Contacts.
  4. From the Import contacts page, select the Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016 option. The Import contacts from Outlook page will display.
  5. Now select the Browse button.
  6. From the Open dialog box, navigate to the location as to where you saved the .csv file from Outlook.
  7. Select the file and then click the Open button. The filename is displayed.
  8. Click the Upload button to import the Contacts into your Office 365 Outlook account.
  9. When contacts have been successfully imported, the Import successful dialog box will be displayed.
  10. When contacts are imported into an Office 365 Outlook account they are merged into the existing contacts list alphabetically.
  11. To view the imported contacts, scroll within the contact list to find the newly imported contacts. 

This concludes this video. Thanks for watching!