Help With Retiree Email Accounts

​​​​​Your email address will change once you retire.​

Over the years, retiring employees have been granted ongoing access to district email accounts and district services. 

Because technology and services have evolved, Dallas College has mov​ed to a new process that will continue offering email for retirees, while also following best practices for security and email management. 

A New Email Address for Retirees

All retiree email accounts use a new email domain — from to

Your new retiree email address will include your previous email alias and the new domain. For example:

If you did not have an alias previously, a new one was created for you as

For assistance setting up your new retiree email address, please call the Dallas College Service Desk at 972-669-6477 or email

  1. Retirees can access their new email accounts by clicking on "Online Tools" dropdown and sele​cting "Email," or by visiting
  2. You will log in to Outlook on the web with your (i.e.,
  3. You will also use your retiree ID to access eConnect and eCampus (i.e., r7654321).

Additional Changes

In addition to the new email address, retirees will be able to maintain their Microsoft Office 365 license, which provides free online file storage, along with online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

Retirees will still have access to retiree information in eConnect but no longer have access to eCampus, SharePoint, myPortal and other district services for current employees.

College IT and the software trainers and developers at LeCroy have developed training materials to help retirees move their existing contacts into their new account.


What If I’m Still Teaching or Working Part Time?

Retirees who continue to work for Dallas College as adjuncts, dual credit faculty or part-time staff will still have access to their email address while they’re employed by Dallas College. Access to the email accounts will be disabled once employment ends.

Working retirees will maintain their same login for email and services and a separate login for for their retiree account.


Frequently Asked Questions