2020 Award Winners

Delryn Fleming
Faculty Awardee

Delryn's teaching career has contributed many​ years of teaching, including programs to help students succeed. In 1971 her teaching career in Developmental Writing at Eastfield. Other areas, expanded an existing reading lab to serve writing students, teaching composition, computer classroom, telecourse, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Brookhaven College, creating the Writing Consultancy for students' disciplines received BHC’s Innovator of the year. She created a six-hour block of Composition and Speech Communications.

Delryn, not only taught but contributed by serving as Editor of the Journal of College Reading Learning. Became President of the BHC Faculty Association, then Dallas College Faculty Association. She led BHC’s Self-Study for SACS Review. She served as BHC’s Assessment Director.

Delryn received many awards within the Dallas College and outside, such as the National Faculty Recognition Award from the Consortium for Community College Development and the District’s Ellison Miles Production Award for outstanding teaching and Innovator of the Year for Visions of Excellence.

Delryn is an active member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW)since 1972. She served as President, Membership VP, and Fundraising Chair, received several awards through the AAUW Foundation Named Gift Awards, and Outstanding Member. She created and directed the Girls Empowered (GEM) by Mentoring program for AAUW for female students at Early College High School at Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD. This program promotes students in obtaining their high school diploma simultaneously their two-year college associate degree.

Upon retirement, Delryn joined the DCCCD Retiree Association. In addition to her participation and promotion of its programs, she is on the Association’s Leadership Group, serving as Treasurer (2018-present)

Alice Stinson
Administrator Awardee

Alice "Becky" Stinson started as a part-time employee for Starlink. Her talents were recognized early on and promoted into numerous national marketing positions at the LeCroy Center. She spent the last 16 years leading the Dallas TeleLearning client services and relations side of the courseware business. Her largest client was DCCCD, serving the faculty and staff taught with Dallas courses at our colleges. She served on various committees locally and nationally and was heavily involved in activities that supported Naaman Forest High School, GISD and local charities. Becky actively volunteered for many projects throughout her career and beyond. She supported the drama department activities at Naaman Forest High School, where her husband taught drama and played the organ at church each Sunday.

Becky retired in 2014 as Manager of Academic Partnerships after 20 years of service to the LeCroy Center, DCCCD, Texas community colleges, and national organizations. She worked with the end in mind of what was best for DCCCD students and students across the country learning through Dallas courses. Her talent was an innovative, strategic, and insightful leader and succeeded through many industry and organizational changes. She managed the Texas Consortium, leveraging their collaborative buying power. Dr. Pam Quinn said, “She helped earn the DCCCD millions of dollars through the years.” Becky was a committed leader who hosted team-building activities at her home each year. She was highly committed to her projects, clients, and an asset.

Becky and her husband relocated to Georgia upon retirement, where Becky became her 91-year-old mother’s caregiver for the last four years of her life and felt blessed to have this opportunity. She plays piano for her church and an assisted living home and serves on her HOA board. Informally, she advises high school students within her circle of the advantages of dual credit and online education. Her most important and fulfilling mission is being “Gram” to her four granddaughters. Happy 50.