Retiree Association Spring Business Meeting Minutes - March 31, 2022

63​ people were registered for the luncheon; 58 members (and guests) and 4 guests. 40 members attended with 10 guests (of members) and 3 Honored Guests attended – Dr. Brad Williams, President El Centro, Karen Settles-Lee, Managing Director Operations, and Luis Merino, Director Digital Experience.

Dining room opened at 11:30 a.m.

President Lisa Theriot welcomed all attendees, thanking them for attending.  She then introduced Dr. Brad Williams, President El Centro who welcomed all attendees to El Centro and this event.  He expressed strong support of the Retiree Association.

Lunch was served with a Florida themed menu.

After dessert, Lisa resumed the business meeting.  Chancellor Dr. Justin Lonon was not able to attend; we watched his welcome on video.  He also expressed strong support and a working relationship with the Retiree Association.

Lisa introduced honored guests: Brad Williams, Karen Settles-Lee, and Luis Merino.  She also asked all new retirees since January 2021 to stand and be recognized.

Diane Graifemberg, treasurer, gave a brief financial report (copies of the report were also on all tables) with a balance as of February 28 of $31,821.12. She also reported that as of today the Association has 438 members and encouraged all present to invite retirees to join the association.

Georgia Francis spoke about upcoming events with the Association – encouraged attendance, introduced Motion made by Rodger Bennett to approve the financial report; second by Don Baynham. Report approved.

The event coordinators and Georgia Frances invited members and guests to visit the Paxton Moore art gallery at El Centro.

Rosie Steffan thanked Georgia Francis for all her help during the year. Rosie Steffan gave details for Derby Day at Lone Star Park on May 7; encouraged members to register soon. Rosie then distributed door prizes to those members in attendance with winning tickets.

Lisa recognized and thanked all culinary students and staff for an excellent event and job well done.

Meeting adjourned.

Notes taken and submitted by

Diane Graifemberg, Treasurer