What Students and Parents Say About Dual Credit

​​ “Dual credit classes are a great way to take one class and get credit for both high school and college. My humanities class has a variety of students of all ages, and I really enjoy the wide range of opinions in my class discussions. I also appreciate the greater accountability that comes with taking college courses.” - Laura Suggs
“My dual credit college courses are bringing me closer to my goal of an associate degree in automotive technology. By the time I finish high school, I’ll already have my one-year certificate. The course I’m taking right now is self-paced. I do the work at home and send it in through email. I like the flexibility and working on my own.” - Efrain Badillo Jr.
“I have found Dallas College to be a great experience, and all the teachers have been wonderful. The classes were very challenging, but not too hard. I feel like I fit right in. After I complete my core courses, I’ll be ready to attend college on an $8,000 nursing scholarship. ” - Holly Yamauchi
“I’m extremely impressed with the caliber of the instructors and the counselors, who are true guidance counselors. Dallas College​ provides a good balance for students ready to take on more challenges.” - Jackie Yamauchi, homeschooling mom