RCHS Safety Plan

​​​​​​​RCHS Safety and Evacuation Information Map  

RCHS Safety and Evacuation Information

Students should be aware of their surroundings at all times. Each building presents its own unique challenges and obstacles when a threat to your safety arises. Be prepared and know what to do, where to go, and whom to contact.

Safety Numbers

Police Dispatch: 972-860-4290 or 911
RCHS Main Office: 972-761-6888
Counseling Centr: 972-238-3771


Immediately evacuate to the nearest Parking lot. Wait for instructions from Emergency Response Team Members.

Inclement Weather:

Tornado – Move to Interior Rooms, away from windows. Move to the floor and below desks.

** If located in a portable building (Kiowa, Uvalde, or Yegua) immediately evacuate the building to the closest permanent structure. Kiowa and Uvalde will move to Guadalupe. Yegua will move to Pecos.


Police Activity – Lock down in building and remain in room. This is a “soft lock down”. There is activity outside of the building. Normal classroom operations continue to take place. No movement in halls or from outside of building.

Intruder Alert – This is a “hard Lock down”. Lock doors. Turn out lights and media devices. Relocate away from windows. BE SILENT. Do not draw attention to yourself. Do not answer the door. All instruction ceases.

Campus Evacuation:

Campus evacuations take place for a variety of reasons – severe threat, severe weather, hazardous material, etc.

RCHS uses two major evacuation points: LeCroy (Building R) and the berms near the tree farm at the end of Parking lots C and D. RCHS central communications will be based at both locations.

Students should proceed to the evacuation point closest to their classroom, unless otherwise directed.

** In the event of ice/snow and campus closing, Crockett Hall at the Main RCHS office will be the location for students to relocate if they are unable to transport themselves from campus.

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