Richland Collegiate High School (RCHS)

​​​​​​​​​Let us prove to you what a memorable experience high school can be.

When you enroll at Richland Collegiate High School, you will create new friendships and build lasting memories as you discover your passions and pursue your dreams. You will also step into a space w​​ith supportive teachers and staff who meet you r​​ight where you are.




Learn & Earn Simultaneously

Earn your high school diploma, college credits and even your associate degree all at the same time.

Choose Your Preferred Path

Focus your studies on the math, science and engineering path, or go for visual, performing and digital arts. You decide!

Develop Relationships

Benefit from a close-knit learning community and diverse student body.

Give Back, Receive Credit

Participate in service-learning experiences to receive class credit.

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RCHS Enrollment Information

Richland Collegiate High School accepts applications for admission to the 11th grade during the Spring semester of each year. Learn more about student eligibility requirements and the enrollment process.

Although it's not required, students interested in applying to RCHS are encouraged to register for a virtual information session. Here, you can learn even more about RCHS, ask your questions and get real-time responses from RCHS staff.

Enrollment Information

About RCHS

Richland Collegiate High School has a unique curriculum and specific program requirements. Learn more about the school and what it's like to be a RCHS student.


RCHS Current Students

Our students have a wide array of resources available to them from tutoring and advising to our many and varied campus activities.


Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Contact RCHS staff. We will be happy to assist you!