Adjunct Faculty Hiring Guidelines

We recruit adjunct faculty from a variety of sources, such as personal referrals, college and district adjunct faculty recruitment fairs, and our adjunct faculty database. 

Some adjunct instructor opportunities are found listed in our current  part-time faculty job openings

You can become a Dallas College adjunct instructor (part-time faculty member) even if you have no prior teaching experience. The program provides an excellent opportunity to gain hours in the classroom.

Requirements for adjunct instructors (part-time faculty members) vary depending on the type of course taught:

  • for classes transferable for a higher degree: a master’s degree plus 18 graduate hours in the subject to be taught,
  • for workforce education degree or certificate courses: a combination of academic preparation and work experience, including three years of direct or related work experience other than teaching,
  • for developmental courses: a bachelor’s degree in the specific teaching discipline and demonstrated competency (i.e., teaching experience, honors, graduate course work, or another related accomplishment other related accomplishments).