Agencies That Certify Foreign Degrees

This applies to individuals seeking resources to certify U.S. educational degree equivalencies for foreign-issued degrees.

This is a suggested list of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services agencies to certify foreign credentials. Certification from agencies not listed must be approved on an individual basis by the location vice president. If not noted on the vacancy flier/advertisement, it is the responsibility of the location to request that applicants who hold foreign degrees obtain certification (at the applicant's expense) of the United States equivalency of the degree they hold. In positions where official transcripts are required as a part of the employment packet to be submitted by the applicant, the location should notify Human Resources​ on the Notice of Vacancy form of the materials desired from applicants. This information will be included as a part of the online job posting and as part of the official advertisement. It is the responsibility of candidates considered for an interview to request that official documentation be forwarded from the certifying agency to the location Human Resources Office.

The costs and service timelines of each agency vary. We recommend that you contact the agencies for individual timeline and pricing information.