Master's Degree Equivalencies

Educational Equivalencies to Master​'s Degree That Apply to Faculty and Administrator Applicants and Employees

At times a position will permit an equivalency to a specific degree. The equivalencies below are reflected in Board Policy DEA (Local) and provide a consistent model for use when screening Applications for Employment to determine equivalency to the specific degree.

Equivalencies to the Master's Degree

Persons who have obtained one of the following levels of achievement will be credited with the equivalent of a master's degree.

  1. Bachelor's degree, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Texas licensure.
  2. Bachelor's degree, Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).
  3. B.D. from an accredited institution, provided that entrance into the B.D. program required a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  4. B.S. in Nursing plus P.H.N. (Public Health Nurse).
  5. B.S. in Engineering plus Texas licensure.
  6. B.S. in Architecture plus Texas licensure.
  7. Bachelor's degree plus five years' successful service outside of education in the subject field to be taught.
  8. Distinguished professional record in special field which is clearly equal to master's degree level of achievement
  9. Bachelor's degree plus 36 semester hours of graduate courses taken as part of an institutionally-approved doctoral program of study as certified by the graduate dean's office.
  10. Completion of a specially tailored program of studies designed by the faculty member and approved by the Chancellor or his or her designated representative.

These equivalencies are intended as models and are recommended for use across Dallas College as a guide for qualifying candidate application forms.