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Gretchen Minyard Williams
​Contact: Debra Dennis 

For immediate release — Oct. 6, 2021

(DALLAS) — Entrepreneur and philanthropist Gretchen Minyard Williams was named to fill the vacant seat on the Dallas College Board of Trustees during a swearing-in ceremony at the board’s regular meeting today.

Gretchen Williams replaces her husband, Dallas businessman JL Sonny Williams, who passed away in July from a lengthy illness. Williams will represent District 1 which covers most of the northern part of Dallas County and must run for election in May if she wishes to retain the seat.

State law authorizes the board to fill such vacancies by appointment. Board members reviewed submissions and interviewed applicants before selecting Williams. “Gretchen’s commitment to the community is clear and she understands the mission of Dallas College,” Board of Trustees Chair Monica Lira Bravo said. “We respect her knowledge and the community leadership she brings. We look forward to working closely with her.“

Williams is a graduate of Texas Christian University and serves on the board of directors for Baylor University Medical Center. She serves on the board of directors for High Ground Advisors, an investment management and trust services company, Leukemia Texas and the Dallas Mavericks Foundation. Williams is a licensed real estate agent for Ebby Halliday Realtors. She and her family helped build Texas-based Minyard Food Stores Inc. into one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains.

“Anyone who wants the opportunity to achieve their education goals should have the chance to do so, and as a trustee I understand and fully support these goals,” Williams said. “COVID has continued to challenge our students who might not have the necessary resources to successfully complete their education virtually.

“Many of those students are making the difficult decision to pay for their education or their everyday expenses. Through the pandemic, they have felt that education must take a back seat. I applaud the work of Dallas College to provide viable, affordable educational options to help bring these students back so they can accomplish their goals,” Williams said.

JL Sonny Williams joined the board in 2006 and rose to chair the board’s audit committee. A part owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Williams was a strong supporter of higher education.

The Dallas College Board of Trustees has seven members who govern the college and serve six-year terms.

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