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Brandon Valdez​

Brandon Valdez 

Student Leader of the Year | Student Government Association Vice President

Brandon earned an Associate of Science and will major in political science at the University of North Texas this fall. He plans to earn a master's degree and become a college professor.

"DCCCD has allowed me to obtain a high-quality higher education at a low cost. I am graduating from Brookhaven with zero debt. There are tons of scholarships out there that you can apply for, especially through the DCCCD Foundation. There's so much scholarship money out there that goes unclaimed each year. So, try to take advantage of lots of small scholarships with little competition, and the money will add up."

"One of my best college experiences was attending the National Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C, where I spoke with congressmen and learned a lot about higher education policy."

"Join a club! Don't just go to class, do work and go home. Having something to do on campus will make your college experience far more fun!"

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