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Contact: Alex Lyda; alyda@dcccd.edu​ 

For immediate release — Jan. 3, 2022 

(DALLAS) — For some, Saturdays are a time to rest. But for motivated game-changers who have their sights set on Dallas College, Saturdays are a time to get moving. With classes starting Jan. 18, Dallas College is making it easy by offering Saturday registration for prospective students who might be too busy during the week to sign up for classes next semester.

After a highly successful “Family Day” enrollment event in December, Dallas College’s enrollment push continues into the new year with two upcoming events — one this Saturday, Jan. 8, and another next Saturday, Jan. 15. Both will allow anyone interested in attending Dallas College to register in person, virtually or by phone.

Not many places these days allow you to get an associate and now a bachelor's degree at a fraction of the cost of other colleges.

“At Dallas College, we make education affordable and provide students the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals,” said Dr. Beatriz Joseph, vice chancellor of student success. “It's even possible to graduate with a degree or credential debt free.”

Among Texas’ 50 community college systems, Dallas College offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, with Dallas County residents currently paying $237 per three-hour class — that’s $79 per credit hour, or $948 for a full-semester load of 12 credit hours. This includes the cost of books. Out-of-county residents pay $135 per credit hour and $200 per credit hour, including books. Additionally, Dallas College offers generous financial aid and no-cost adult education programs that teach the skills needed for college or career success.

What are some other benefits of becoming a Dallas College student? 

“We offer the traditional services to help students in the classroom — tutoring, library services, academic advising. However, we also know they face other challenges that can disrupt their education,” Dr. Joseph said. “Our Student Care Network connects students with college and community resources for physical and mental health as well as basic needs such as food, housing and child care. Our success coaches are by students’ sides through every step from enrollment to graduation.”

And the future looks bright for prospective students who invest the time in registering, studying and completing their Dallas College education. If you’re looking for a job, now is the perfect time to enroll in a career at a Super Saturday event.

Students who complete their Dallas College education on average enjoy a 16.3% return on their investments of time and money. They also get higher pay when they move on from Dallas College. For every dollar students invest in their education, they receive a cumulative return of $5.50 in higher future income throughout their working careers.

"Education opens doors,” Dr. Joseph added. “It’s the first step toward a career rather than just a job. It's life-changing.”

Prospective students interested in learning more about enrollment options are highly encouraged to make an appointment before visiting one of our advising centers to avoid long wait times, or to call or join a virtual chat​ any weekday before midnight to see what program is right for them.

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