2023-2024 Financial Aid Forms

​Th​e forms below are designed to supplement your financial aid application for Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024.

Need to submit a document?  We have created a portal mechanism for you to submit your document​s while we are working remotely.  To receive access, call or email our Financial Aid Call Center to receive instructions.

If you have any questions about printing or completing these forms, contact us.

Most of these forms are in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader software (available for free) to view and print them.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (2023-2024)​​
There are several ways to complete the FAFSA form, including the studentaid.gov website or the myStudentAid mobile app. Using the app, you can fill out the FAFSA form safely and securely from your mobile device. The app also allows you to manage your FSA account, view your federal student aid history and loan information, and more. The myStudentAid app is available from both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) (2023-2024) (College for All Texans website)
The link above for the College for All Texans website provides the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) in both English and Spanish. If you​​​​​ are starting in the Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 semesters, you will complete the 2022-20223 TASFA.

The TASFA is used to collect information to help determine eligibility for state financial aid programs that are administered by institutions of higher education in the state of Texas. If you are classified as a Texas resident who cannot apply for federal financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you are encouraged to complete the TASFA. To review the FAFSA filing requirements, visit studentaid.gov or visit a Financial Aid Office.

TASFA Checklist (2023-2024) (PDF - 301KB)
This checklist will go along with your TASFA application and all supporting documentation related to your sitution. Please contact Financial Aid by email or phone for questions.

TASFA Application in Engligh (2023-2024) (PDF - 843KB)​

TASFA Selective Service Statement of Registration (2023-2024) (PDF - 223KB)
Male students must fill out this form to be eligible for state funding. The form provides additional information about your exemption from and/or certification of Selective Service.

Texas Public Education Grant Application for Continuing Educ​ation (TPEG-CE 2023-2024) (PDF - 401KB)
If you are enrolled in an eligible Continuing Education (CE) class, you may use this form to apply for a Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) award. To provide adequate time for processing, this application must be filed with the Financial Aid Office six to eight weeks prior to the beginning of your class/classes.

Excessive Loan Limit Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 184KB)
If you have exceeded or are close to your cumulative loan limit, you will be advised by the Financial Aid Office if you need to complete this form.

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (2023-2024) (PDF - 343KB)
You may need to complete this form at the request of Financial Aid so we can determine your eligibility for federal funds. This form requires a notarized signature.

Unusual Enrollment History (2023-2024) (PDF - 194KB)
You may need to complete this form at the request of Financial Aid so we can determine your eligibility for federal funds.

AmeriCorps Processing Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 333KB)
If you participated in this service program, you may use this form to apply for funds.

Request To Transfer Funds Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 339KB)
If you need to request a transfer of funds to pay for a prior semester balance, complete the form and submit to your Financial Aid Office.

Loan Discharge for Borrowers With Disabilities (2023-2024) (PDF - 278KB)
If you are applying for a federal student loan and have had previous federal loans discharged because of a disabling condition, you must attach a physician’s statement certifying your ability to attend school and/or return to work. You will be advised by the Financial Aid Office if you need to complete this form.​

Financial Aid Cancellation and Adjustments Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 329KB)
If you need to cancel your financial aid, want to have it reinstated or want to reduce your loans, please submit this form to the Financial Aid Office for processing.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Process (2023-2024) (PDF - 99KB)
T​​he Dallas College Department of Student Financial Resources & Scholarships will review academic records at the end of each period of enrollment and determine each student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress status. For more information on the SAP policy or guidelines for this appeal, please visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress webpage.​

Fresh Start Initiative Acknowledgment Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 205KB)
Under Fresh Start, all borrowers with eligible defaulted federal student loans will receive important benefits available to borrowers in good standing for the duration of the initiative. This initiative enables borrowers with defaulted student loans to regain Title IV HEA federal student aid eligibility.​​

Request to Evaluate Special Circumstance Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 383KB)
The purpose of this form is to provide the student the opportunity to submit a special case for review.​

Unaccompanied or Homeless Youth Verification (2023-2024) (PDF - 254KB)​
A form for an authorized agent to complete to verify an unaccompanied or homeless youth.

Dependency Override Renewal (2023-2024) (PDF - 214KB)
For when a dependent student has completed their FAFSA but provided no parental information.

Request for Dependency Override (2023-2024) (PDF - 293KB)
The purpose of this form is to provide the student the opportunity to submit a special case for review for dependency status.

Bachelor's Degree Resolution Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 195KB)
A form for when the Financial Aid office has received conflicting information regarding your prior degree(s).

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 230KB)​
The purpose of this form is to allow students an opportunity to submit additional information regarding a change in their Cost of Attendance (COA) that has not been previously considered.

Foreign Income Verification Form (2023-2024) (PDF - 153KB)​

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