FAFSA Application Checklist for Current Students

Find out what you need to do to apply for financial aid as a current student. Get answers to some common questions, plus tips to help you fill out your Free Application for ​Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Financial Aid Priority Deadlines:
Summer and Dallas Promise: March 1
Fall: May 1
Spring: Oct. 1
More Important Dates:

This FAFSA application checklist is for current students only.

If you are a new student,
please check out the New Student FAFSA Checklist.


Step 1

Fill Out the FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FSA) at Federal Student Aid.

Log in with your FSA ID username and password. If you forgot your FSA ID username or password, go to Forgot my FSA ID.

If your parent(s) are required to provide information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), a separate FSA ID is required for the parent. The FSA ID may be obtained at Federal Student Aid.

If you need help, contact us.

Call Dallas College Financial Aid Office at 972-669-6400, contact the U.S. Department of Education at 800-433-3243, or go online to get help by email or chat.

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Check your email frequently, as well as the Financial Aid Checklist in Dallas College Self-Service.

It takes 3-5 business days for us to receive and upload your FAFSA into our system.

The school code for Dallas College is 004453 (NOTE: It may show as Dallas College-El Centro).

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FAFSA Year 2022-2023: 2020 taxes | FAFSA Year 2023-2024: 2021 taxes

Having trouble with your application or any of your required documents?

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Step 2

Other Requirements

You may be asked to submit additional documents or complete other processes.

Please make sure you always check in with Financial Aid to know your current status and read through all notifications sent to you.

  • Check Self-Service for missing information. Click on Financial Aid (or access it from eConnect and click on Financial Aid Checklist).

If you need to submit documents electronically, please do not email them. Please request a secure link to upload documents. You will be sent an email with a safe link so that you can upload your documents securely. The email comes from “FA-Secure,” and the subject line will say “FA-Secure File is requesting files from you.” Please give us a couple of business days to get this email sent to you. It will be sent to your email listed in our system.

  • Please check if your documents need to be notarized before submission.

If you are interested in a work-study position, register in Handshake and review job postings.

Register at Handshake

Having trouble with your application or any of your required documents?

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Get federal financial aid information online 24/7: Federal Student Aid or FSA on YouTube


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Our Financial Aid Office offers in-person help via drop-in office visits and bi-weekly workshops.

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