Loan Exit Counseling


When you borrow a Federal Direct Loan, you are required by the Department of Education to complete an Exit Counseling session within 30 days if you:

  • Withdraw (leave school)
  • Drop below half-time (less than six (6) credit hours) enrollment with Dallas College
  • Do not enroll for the current term with Dallas College
  • Graduate

You must complete Exit Counseling even if you plan to transfer to another school.

How does this benefit me?

Completing Exit Counseling helps you understand your rights and responsibilities and gives you important tips and information on how to manage your loans.

How do I complete Exit Counseling?

  1. Go to Federal Student Aid.
  2. Log in with your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID).
  3. Select Complete Counseling.
  4. Select the Exit Counseling option.

Once you complete the online Borrower Information Form at the end of the session, you will receive confirmation that your Exit Counseling requirement has been satisfied.

If you cannot complete Exit Counseling online, please visit your local Financial Aid Office.

If you need help or have questions about Exit Counseling, please email


The following resources are available to assist you with your loan debt: