Financial Literacy


View online videos to help walk you through the financial issues college students face.

Online Resources

Do you wish you had a resource for information about budgeting and money and time management? The resources below will give you access to the information you need to successfully manage your money and time while in college.

Our Partnership With Inceptia

Dallas College partners with Inceptia, a nonprofit organization providing expertise in student loan repayment and financial literacy education. Within this partnership, you may hear from an Inceptia representative regarding repayment options for your loans. Inceptia, in conjunction with Dallas College, helps students achieve financial success and repay their student loan obligations.

Need help understanding personal finance? Visit Financial Avenue to experience Inceptia’s fun, down-to-earth, interactive courses. You will be able to determine your personal money philosophy, gain knowledge of key personal finance concepts and build a customized action plan for your financial goals. To log in, use your Dallas College student ID and this access code: DCCCD7.

Contact the Financial Literacy Team

Lauren Miller

  • Coach, Default Aversion & Compliance

Campus Financial Literacy Resources

Are you a Mountain View student struggling with finances?

Get Help for Free!

Mountain View has partnered with two local nonprofits so you can take advantage of their many financial education tools at no charge:

  • The WiNGS Family Financial Center

Services include:

  • Personal financial planning
  • Establishing and repairing credit
  • Debt management
  • Establishing and building savings
  • Benefits screening
  • Asset management and purchasing
  • Tax support
  • Foreclosure/bankruptcy counseling and much more!

Both C2: SAFE and the YW Family Financial Center can provide you with a variety of resources:

  • Learn how to budget for expenses and build your credit through online and in-person workshops.
  • Create an individualized plan to pay down debts through one-on-one coaching and counseling designed to meet your needs.
  • Access tools and products developed to maximize savings towards school and beyond. Earn up to $4,000 for school and participate in a savings program that matches dollars you deposit for free!
Get started today!

All information is kept strictly confidential. Counseling and many services are available in Spanish.