Refunds and Disbursements

​​Dallas College has partnered with TouchNet to process and distribute refunds and disbursements to our students. This can include refunds from dropping courses, withdrawing from Dallas College, financial aid disbursements, and other miscellaneous payments you may be owed.

Most financial aid disbursements, refunds from cash and check payments, disbursements or refunds from older semesters and other miscellaneous refunds are disbursed to you via TouchNet based on the refund method you have selected. Refer to the “Set Up or Change My Refund/Disbursement Preference” section below.

If you paid with a credit/debit card and did not receive financial aid, your refund should be credited back to the card that was used for payment, up to the amount originally paid.

The software that connects Dallas College to TouchNet is called Heartland/TouchNet, and the refund processor and student support lines are called Heartland/ECSI. You may see any or all of these names as you use the various TouchNet Payment Center functions.

Refunds and disbursements are handled differently depending on whether you are a credit student or a continuing education student.

Set Up or Change My Refund/Disbursement Preference

You can select your refund/disbursement preference and change or update it at any time (options are direct deposit or check).

If you do nothing, your account will default to receiving a check in the mail. Checks will be mailed to the current address on file with Dallas College. It is the student’s responsibility to update their address and personal information via eConnect. Learn how to update your address in eConnect.

You can change your preference to direct deposit or confirm that you would like to continue receiving checks by mail.

Need to Petition for an Exception to the Refund Policy?

New: Students may petition for an exception to the refund policy in a separate process through student services.