Eligibility for Accessibility Services

If you have a diagnosed disability and are enrolled at Dallas College, you may be eligible for services through the Accessibility Services Office. In order to receive services, you must follow these steps:

  1. Provide documentation to the Accessibility Services Office.

    Providing appropriate documentation of a disability and/or the need for access services is your responsibility as a student. Official reports documenting a disability must originate with (come from) an appropriate professional in the field. The documentation should be recent enough to reflect your (the student’s) current status, which in most cases means documentation no more than three to five years old.

    Submit documentation as soon as possible to receive services. You should submit documentation of the need for accommodations at least one month before the start of the semester in which you are enrolling.

  2. The documentation is reviewed by a committee.

    Documentation is evaluated by a review committee to recommend appropriate services and accommodations best suited to each individual student. Classroom accommodations are determined each semester based on the content of the course and the need for services. Documentation submitted to the DSO is confidential and used solely for the purpose of identifying and coordinating appropriate accommodations to allow students full access to educational opportunities at Dallas College.

  3. A Disabilities Support Services staff member will contact you to determine appropriate accommodations.