Emergency Preparedness

​If an emergency occurs on campus, it could be necessary to evacuate the buildings. The Accessibility Services Office has prepared general guidelines for this type of emergency situation.

During an evacuation:

  • Individuals who are visually impaired may need assistance from others to exit the building. To help a person who is blind, have them take your arm and lead them out.
  • Individuals who are easily disoriented may also need someone to guide them in exiting the building.
  • During an evacuation, elevators may not be available. People requiring physical assistance to evacuate the building should make their way, if possible, to the stairwell exit of any campus building. If the stairwell is not accessible due to the emergency, proceed to the next closest stairwell and report to a College Emergency Response Team (CERT) member. These exits have been designated as Rescue Assistance Areas. The College Emergency Response Team floor captains will contact first responders to facilitate evacuation from these areas.