Report an ADA/504 Concern

Dallas College is committed to maintaining an accessible campus community and to providing reasonable accommodations.

Students who believe they have experienced discrimination based on their disability or who believe an accommodation or service received is ineffective are encouraged to seek a resolution. Dallas College has both informal and formal resolution processes designed to provide prompt and equitable resolutions.

What constitutes an ADA/504 Accessibility Concern?

  • Physical barriers preventing access (automatic doors, sidewalks, elevators)
  • Disagreements regarding an approved service, accommodation, modification of a requirement or denial of a request
  • Violation of privacy in the context of a disability
  • Discrimination or harassment based on a disability
  • Inaccessibility of an educational program or activity

Informal resolutions are encouraged and may provide the quickest results. The purpose of the Informal Resolution Process is to make a good faith effort to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

  • Students are encouraged to meet with Accessibility Services staff. Accessibility Services may resolve the situation by assisting the student in discussing issues with a faculty member, by facilitating a meeting with all involved parties, or by calling faculty, department chairs or deans to resolve issues.
  • If the concern is not satisfactorily resolved within Accessibility Services or if the concern, for a specific reason, cannot be discussed with the Accessibility Services staff, students may make their concerns known to the Dean of Accessibility Services. After reviewing the situation, the Dean will inform the student and the involved parties of progress, findings or resolutions.

Students may avail themselves of the Formal Resolution Process when

  • A resolution is not achieved during the Informal Resolution Process; OR
  • The allegation is based on egregious discrimination.

To initiate the Formal Resolution Process, students must complete the Report an ADA/504 Accessibility Concern Form within thirty (30) days of the incident or events giving rise to the concern. A review of allegations will be initiated promptly after receipt of the form.

Students may appeal the determination upon conclusion of the Formal Resolution Process. The Appeal Form is available upon request from the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator. The validity of the complaint and a description of the resolution, if any, shall be issued by the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance and a copy forwarded no later than thirty (30) business days after the Appeal Form is received.