Grievance Procedures


  1. Complaints specifically related to services for students with disabilities authorized by the Accessibility Services Office as required under the Americans With Disabilities Act should be initially addressed to the administrator of the Accessibility Services Office.
  2. If a resolution is not reached with the administrator of the Accessibility​ Services Office, students may file a grievance in writing. A grievance is initiated by completing and submitting the ADA Grievance form (links below). It should be filed within 30 days after the complainant becomes aware of the alleged violation.
  3. The ADA/Section 504 coordinator shall conduct an investigation of the complaint. All interested people and their representatives, if any, may submit documentation relative to the complaint. The ADA/Section 504 coordinator will provide a written determination within 30 days after it is filed.
  4. The student may appeal the determination made by the ADA/Section 504 coordinator. A written appeal may be addressed to the campus president by completing the ADA Grievance Appeal Form (links below). A written determination as to the validity of the complaint and a description of the resolution, if any, shall be issued by the campus president and a copy forwarded no later than 30 days after it is filed.
  5. Students may appeal the decision of the campus president by contacting the Dallas College institutional equity and compliance officer at


A student has a right to file directly to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at any time. The statute of limitations for filing a complaint with OCR is 180 days from the time the incident occurred.

Grievance Forms

View forms for each of the campuses of Dallas College:

The ADA/Section 504 Coordinator’s Role

The ADA/Section 504 coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the policies and procedures developed by the campus comply with federal, state and college requirements. The ADA/Section 504 coordinator serves as a resource to those with disabilities who believe that they are not receiving appropriate accommodations or that they are being treated in a discriminatory manner. In addition, the ADA/Section 504 coordinator may set aside or modify an accommodation that is under dispute.

When To Contact the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator

If you have contacted your campus Accessibility Services director, and your grievance has not been resolved, please contact the Dallas College ADA/Section 504 coordinator.