Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Dallas College is committed to understanding and assisting the needs of all students, staff, faculty and visitors.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Office staff is available to help with a number of student-related issues as well as address student behavior. In the links below, students can report a complaint or concern, or any person can refer a student for alleged misconduct.


If you have concerns or complaints about programs and services at Dallas College, please use the contact information and form below.

Can be submitted by: Students

Used for: Filing general complaints regarding Dallas College that do not fall under any other Dallas College policy. To help answer general questions or address concerns and grievances, we ask students to submit the Student Complaint Form. Based on the information you provide, the appropriate staff member will contact you.


Submit a General Complaint or Grievance


Members of Dallas College may report an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct through the Dallas College Student Conduct Referral Form. All submitted forms are reviewed and evaluated if action should need to be taken.

Can be submitted by: Faculty, staff, students and visitors

Used for: A report may be filed anonymously; however, please consider providing your information for effective follow-up. Reporting an incident without disclosing your name or contact information may affect the ability of Dallas College to research, take action and offer supportive measures, such as academic accommodations, no-contact orders, change of work schedule, campus escorts or other similar measures tailored to the individualized needs of the parties involved.

Dallas College employees: If a student needs to be temporarily removed from a classroom due to conduct, please talk with your supervisor before filing a report.


Report Student Misconduct


Verifications of good standing pertaining to a Dallas College student conduct record(s) can be completed when a student submits the proper form to the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office (SRRO). Dallas College does not provide this form as a form must be obtain from the requesting college/university, organization, government agency or business. Receipt of these documents will allow the SRRO to report to Dallas College conduct record(s) to the requesting entity.

Upload and submit your form to:

Under some circumstances, a conduct clearance also occurs when a member of Federal or State Government requests for information on a student. In all cases, an authorization to release information by the student is required.


Report Student Misconduct


Student Rights and Responsibilities Office

If you have questions about the Code of Student Conduct, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information.