Video: Student Rights and Responsibilities Office

As a Dallas College student, we have rights. But certain responsibilities come with those rights.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Office, also known as SRRO, promotes a campus environment that balances your rights through a fair and objective standard laid out in the Student Code of Conduct.

SRRO members promote a campus climate of integrity, service and commitment by allowing students to address their complaints directly to the team in order to find a solution to a problem.

Each campus has a conduct officer available to help. Whether to connect you with resources, address concerns with fellow students or faculty or mediate problems. The philosophy is one of restorative justice. This allows the team to take incidents and find opportunities in making it right and fair for you.

Complaints can be submitted online at You can file a report anonymously, but consider providing your information for the most effective follow-up.

Reporting an incident without disclosing contact info may impact the SRRO team in providing you with the best support. Share the facts and remain objective in your report instead of sharing personal feelings.

If you have questions or concerns, visit the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office at the campus nearest you. Dallas College is here to serve you!