Faculty Integrator Spotlight

​​Why am I a Marketable Skills Faculty Integrator?

Jennifer Baggett, Biology

"I wanted to join a community of faculty who share ideas and methods for improving communication with students about how their classes prepare them for careers and provide professional growth."

Kristina Hunsinger, Philosophy

"Students who can articulate the job skills they learn in our classes are likely to secure better-paying jobs, which can then enable them to further their education."​

Jocyln Hanson, Speech

"Jocyln Hanson, Speech I am a faculty integrator because I know the need to specifically connect what we teach and our learning outcomes to real-world and workplace skills. The better we communicate this, the more equipped our students will be for employment."

Natalie Pleimann, English

"I often think there is a disconnect between what students are working on in their academic lives and the skills they gain for their professional life, especially in 'soft skills.' Giving students the language to articulate these skills and understand the professional purposes of their academic pursuits is an important part of my pedagogy."

Edit Dibra, World Languages

"Being a faculty integrator helps me actively contribute to fostering a collaborative and innovative learning environment in my course to equip my students with marketable skills essential for success in today's dynamic professional world and integrate those skills in my French language curriculum."

Gerardo Vega, World Languages

"I am a faculty integrator because I want to better prepare students in understanding the skills they are learning in their courses, especially those generally labelled “basic courses" that go beyond the discipline and subject matter."​​​

Would You Recommend this Program to your Colleagues>?

Edit Dibra, World Languages

"I would strongly recommend the Marketable Skills Faculty Integrator Program to my colleagues due to its unique focus on embedding and applying marketable skills into our curriculum. This program provides the chance to reflect on our traditional curriculum and assignments and reshape them with practical skills that are directly applicable to advancing students' professional careers in a rapidly changing academic and professional environment."

Dr. Saroja Ginagunta, Chemistry

"Yes, definitely! After participating in this program, I am learning how to modify and reveal the job relevant skills to students in a more efficient way!"

Tiffany Nacoste, Government

"Absolutely. This program highlights soft skills that are already practiced in class. The program is about having conversations with students so they understand the activities in the classroom translate to the workforce and outside world.​"

Robert Ortiz

"Yes! I firmly believe Dallas College is positioned to be a work-ready college, so I would love to see every faculty member involved."