​​​Bilingual Education is the teaching of academic content in two languages - a native and second language.

A good bilingual teacher is someone who is fully literate in English and at least one other language, excited about learning, sociable and easy to talk to, patient and resourceful, good at motivating students, self-oriented and organized.

The Bilingual Education Center was created to address the shortage of bilingual educators in the public elementary and secondary schools. We hope to close this gap by providing strategies for student success, building career pathways, and providing professional development for staff and faculty that address the challenges Mountain View students encounter in achieving career goals.


Bilingual Education Center provides:

  • Pathway coaching.
  • Workforce opportunities.
  • Resource and planning for student success.​
  • ​Cultural sensitivity trainings for Mountain View faculty and staff​.​

“Wonderful professionals, dedicated to supporting aspiring teachers to maximize their full potential. Contact them today – they will help you find the best option to meet your teacher preparation goals.”

Zinab Munoz
former Mountain View Bilingual Education Center student

New Mountain View​ Resource Cent​er Opens it​s Doors


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