Special Centers

​​​​​​​​​​​​In striving to meet the needs of their student bodies and local communities, the campuses of Dallas College often create special centers or develop unique partnerships that provide services to specific groups. Learn more about some of these vital initiatives.​​

Adult Resource Center

(Available only at El Centro)

El Centro's Adult Resource Center supports students who are economically disadvantaged or who are single parents or single pregnant women.

Bilingual Education Center

(Available only at Mountain View)

Mountain View's Bilingual Education Center provides resources to aspiring bilingual teachers, including coaching and career planning.

Diversity and Inclusion

(Available only at Eastfield and Richland)

The Studies in Cultural Diversity group at Richland the Center for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity at Eastfield both work to build a better student experience by reducing barriers to access and success and by offering programming that creates a sense of belonging and promotes a welcoming campus environment.

Dreaming for Success Center

(Available only at Mountain View)

The Dreaming for Success Center at Mountain View works with international students and DACA students, providing information about admissions and various on-campus resources, as well as referrals to local legal and health services. The center also creates programming that raises awareness about the issues affecting these students.

STEM Resource Centers

(Available only Brookhaven, Eastfield and Richland)

Our STEM centers are dedicated to helping students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. These centers offer free tutoring assistance, advising, instruction, equipment, calculators, textbooks and other materials to help students study, complete projects or prepare for exams. ​

North Lake Student Resource Center

(Available only at North Lake)

The Student Resource Center at North Lake is open to all students with a student ID. Computers, printers, reserve textbooks and study rooms are available for use.