Alcohol and Other Drug Education


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Alcohol and drugs are a part of life for many college students. Many others, however, choose not to drink alcohol or to do so in a very limited way. Sometimes, students can have concerns and problems with alcohol.

Dallas College supports students as they navigate these choices through various education, counseling and prevention programs.

Teen group with adult

Alcohol-Free Options

Join us at pop up events across Dallas College campuses for performances and activities including educational programs, blood drives, health fairs, and other fun events! For more information, follow @healthydallascollege on Instagram, and view the student wellbeing events webpage.

Recovery Support Group

Dallas College offers students a weekly recovery support group to help one another maintain sobriety. The primary requirement is that students want to remain clean and sober. For more information contact Dr. Kimberley Toynes at

NARCAN Training

NARCAN Nasal Spray is a Food and Drug Administration-approved nasal formulation of naloxone to treat known or suspected opioid overdose. Learn how to administer NARCAN through various trainings. Dallas College nurses can help connect students and employees to online trainings, and in-person trainings will be available in the near future. For more information email


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To request on demand programs, beer goggles or educational materials, please fill out this form. Please remember to specify the type of materials you need and the amount for each item requested. Let us know your programming ideas or your interest in being involved by emailing!


Online Alcohol and Other Drug Programs

Check out these free online tools that support healthy decisions and promote positive behaviors.

360 Proof

The 360 Proof Personalized Feedback Index (PFI) is an anonymous online tool for students that provides individualized feedback about one's alcohol use. Students can complete the PFI from a computer or mobile device.

Alcohol 101+

Dallas College provides access to a unique tool called Alcohol 101+ that will allow you to learn more about alcohol and other drugs.

Alcohol101+ is a unique alcohol education course for colleges that provides students with the knowledge to make smarter decisions relating to alcohol. The program is free and can be accessed by students at any time.

Questions about Alcohol101+

  1. Visit the Alcohol101+ website and create your account by selecting Register in the upper right corner..
  2. Follow the prompts to register, and then check your email for a registration confirmation.
  3. Return to the Alcohol101+ website and sign in.
  4. Complete the course on your own schedule.
  5. Consider the information provided and modify your behaviors based on your unique attributes.
  6. If you have concerns, contact Dallas College Counseling and Psychological Services for more information at

Alcohol101+ is a free program to Dallas College students interested in learning more about alcohol.

Alcohol101+ is a comprehensive alcohol education program. Students can complete the program in as little as 30 minutes.

Your information and answers are private, and the details are accessible only in aggregate.

Alcohol101+ is a unique alcohol education course for colleges and organizations to use with their students. This engaging digital program is cost free for colleges and universities and provides students with the knowledge to make smarter decisions relating to alcohol. It is an engaging program that covers alcohol’s impact on the body including components like BAC, effects on the body, risks, pour demonstrations and other physical effects. It is not a test.

Students who have technical issues can contact the program director, Dr. Kimberley Toynes at

It’s natural that there might be questions associated with what you learn from taking the course. Please reach out to Dr. Toynes at with any questions.

In-Person Alcohol and Other Drug Programs

Helping students make healthy choices.


Dallas College offers in-person consultation for alcohol and other drug concerns through the Counseling and Psychological Services Department. Students can meet with any counselor for questions or concerns about substances, and if there are additional questions, students can meet with the licensed chemical dependency counselor, Dr. Kimberley Toynes in-person or virtually. Dr. Toynes can meet to discuss more in-depth concerns associated with individual use, family issues or recovery/relapse prevention. Please contact Dr. Toynes at

Students do not need to have a substance abuse issue to meet with a counselor and talk about concerns.


If students would like to explore alcohol or other drug concerns, a counselor may recommend participation in BASICS. BASICS means Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) and is a two-session assessment created for college students. Developed at the University of Washington, BASICS reduces negative consequences of drinking, as well as alcohol consumption rates.

Some students may be assigned BASICS as part of a conduct sanction or you can opt in if you have concerns about your own alcohol use. There is no cost to participate. To find out more contact Dr. Kimberley Toynes at