Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas College IDs

As a student or employee, your college or human resources office will provide a valid photo identification card (“ID card”).

The ID card is the official identification for use of college or district facilities and for other such purposes as designated by district policies, regulations or operational guidelines. The ID card includes a digitized photo. All Dallas College employees and students will visibly wear the ID card while on Dallas College property or at Dallas College-sponsored or related activities.

The ID card is not considered a legal form of identification. 

Students enrolled in and attending Dallas College and full-time and part-time employees of Dallas College are eligible for an ID card. Volunteers, contractors, vendors and visitors are not currently eligible for an ID card.

The ID card will be used to verify the identity and personnel/student status of the holder of the card while on Dallas College property or at any Dallas College-sponsored or Dallas College-related activity. A student or employee on Dallas College property or at any Dallas College-sponsored or Dallas College-related activity shall present their ID card upon request by any college official.

You may obtain your ID card upon initial enrollment as a student (once campuses re-open) , or upon initial hire as an employee. In the case of students, your ID card will be issued by Student Life/Student Services. In the case of employees, your ID Card will be issued by Human Resources. Visit Photo ID Information for specific details. 

No. The rights and privileges associated with the ID card are nontransferrable. Only the person to whom the ID card is issued is eligible to use it. The transfer of an ID card to the possession of another person or the unauthorized use or possession of another person’s ID card is a violation of Dallas College policy and may result in confiscation of the ID card and/or disciplinary action.

Dallas College will provide the first ID card at no cost to students and employees. Individuals who have lost their ID card or have had it stolen should report it as soon as possible to Student Life/Student Services or Human Resources, as applicable. A fee of $10 will be assessed to replace lost or stolen cards. 

If your ID card is damaged due to normal wear and tear, you will be issued a free replacement ID Card.

If you find someone else’s ID card, please return it to Student Life/Student Services or Human Resources, as applicable. Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen ID card for any purpose is a violation of Dallas College policy.

All students of the college must wear visibly their college-issued identification card while on Dallas College property or at any Dallas College-sponsored or Dallas College-related activity. If you are a distance learning student and need to visit a Dallas College campus, you must get an ID Card. See “Where do I obtain an ID card?” 

You can wear your ID card at any Dallas College campus; there is no need to obtain an ID from each campus.

A student or employee of Dallas College may use a first name other than that individual’s legal first name on the ID card (the “Preferred Name”). 

The reasons for choosing a preferred name are personal and different for each person. Reasons for using a preferred name may include:

  • Wanting to use a nickname, middle name or initials
  • Wanting to use a stage name or gender neutral or gender nonconforming name
  • Wanting to use a name that a person is in the process of legally changing

The preferred name is for use within the Dallas College community. If you choose to use a preferred name on your ID card, it cannot be used as proof of legal identity and may impact its use as a form of ID. 

Dallas College shall authorize any reasonable request to accommodate a student or employee whose sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance conflicts with the requirements of the ID card policy unless doing so would pose an undue hardship. 

A request for a religious accommodation under this policy should be made to the individual's Student Life/Student Services or Human Resources department, as applicable. The designated administrator for each department shall consult with the Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Public Safety and Security and other administrative personnel of Dallas College, as necessary, to determine the extent of the accommodation. Requests for religious accommodations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.