Circulation Policy

​Guidelines ​for Circulation of Library Materials

Guidelines vary from campus to campus. Please check with the specific campus for details. Each campus will determine how best to deliver the materials to distance learners.

Eligible Borrowers

Library materials may be loaned to the following:

  • Currently enrolled students of Dallas College and currently employed Dallas College faculty, administrators and staff
  • TexShare cardholders
  • Retired Dallas College personnel cardholders

Note: Exceptions may be made by individual campus. Different types of borrowers have varying privileges.

Identification Required

Some form of identification, such as those listed below, is required when borrowing materials. Contact your campus library for specific information about its requirements.

  • A valid picture ID, driver's license or any Dallas College campus-specific ID card
  • Current registration receipt. The receipt states the beginning and ending dates of the class during which time borrowing privileges are allowed.
  • TexShare card
  • Dallas College retiree ID card

Circulating Materials

Different types of borrowers have varying privileges. Each campus will determine how best to deliver the materials to distance learners.

Books in the circulating collection may be checked out for three weeks and renewed for an additional three weeks, as long as a "hold" has not been placed on the book.

Dependent on the individual college's policy, nonprint materials may be checked out for a limited time period.

A maximum of 10 items may be checked out. TexShare patrons may check out 2 items.

Noncirculating Materials

Generally, reference books, periodicals and reserve items do not circulate. Each campus​ library may also have special collections that do not circulate. These must be used in the library.

Return of Materials

Materials may be returned to any Dallas College campus library.


A borrower may place a hold on a circulating item that is owned by Dallas College. Place a hold by looking up the desired item in the Online Catalog and signing in to make a request.

Overdue Materials

All materials checked out from a Dallas College campus library are considered overdue if not returned to the library by the due date.

Borrowers with overdue items are notified by e-mail, phone, or US mail.

At the end of the semester, all borrowers with overdue items are blocked. Such borrowers are unable to obtain transcripts or to register for additional classes until overdue materials are returned or paid for.