Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​What is Navigate Student, and why should I use it?

Navigate Stude​nt is a tool that will help you keep track of important dates/deadlines, build a schedule that fits your life, communicate with your advisor, find helpful resources and reach your academic goals as quickly as possible.

How do I access Navigate Student?

You can go to, select Student Resources and click on Navigate, or you can download the Navigate mobile app (important note: the mobile app does not support some features).

Can I make an appointment with my advisor through Navigate Student?

Yes! Navigate Student offers an appointment feature that will let you view your advisor’s availability and schedule an appointment with him/her. To make an appointment, click on the Appointment tab, and then click the Schedule an Appointment button. Once a new appointment is set, you will receive a reminder in your To-Do list.

Can I plan my class schedules using Navigate Student?

Yes! You can use the Planner feature to create an academic plan that will help you map out future semesters and visualize how you can complete your major. While in Planner, you can see which classes you’ve completed, which ones you are currently enrolled in and which ones you need to take. When registration opens, you can use your plan, along with a calendar that allows you to block out times when you are busy, to build a schedule that fits your life. To use the Planner features, you must log into Navigate Student using a desktop device; it is not accessible through the mobile app.

Will all the classes in my major appear in my Planner?

If you declared a major during or after the college’s 2019-2020 academic year, your major’s courses will automatically load into Planner. If you declared your major before the 2019-2020 academic year, you will not automatically see your courses. You can still use planner, however. To do so, you must get the list of your remaining courses from SIS, and then search for them in Planner and build your schedule.

Can I register for my classes in Navigate Student?

No. You will need to register in eConnect.

Can Navigate Student help me locate resources I may need?

Yes! From your Navigate Student Homepage, you can access a directory of physical and digital resources that are critical to your success. There you can find information about the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the libraries and more.

Will Navigate Student remind me of deadlines and things I need to do?

Yes! Your To-Do and Events screen will remind you of important steps/tasks you need to take and of important deadlines. You can also OPT IN to receive notifications on your mobile device, through email and/or text. Notifications are only associated with mandatory To-Dos, Events, Advising Appointments or personal reminders you set yourself.

Can Navigate help me find a study group?

It can! Check out Navigate Student’s Study Buddies feature, which helps you form study groups within your current classes. Just click on Study Buddies to get started.

What do I do if my app is frozen or acting weird?

Try a hard close and relaunch the app.

  • For iOS, double click the Home button then swipe the app preview away to “hard close.”
  • On Android, open the app manager view and slide the app preview away to “hard close.”


I just resolved a Hold, why is it still showing up?

Holds are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so check back tomorrow to see if it’s successfully been resolved in Navigate.

How do I change my notification settings?

In the Settings tab you can personalize your notification preferences.

The To-Dos I’m seeing don’t look right to me...

What term of college are you in? Did you select the wrong term? Go to the More tab, under their name there’s a link to “Update year and term.” If your selection is correct, in-app content might not be available for you yet. You can still use other features, and many of the To-dos for other semesters may still be relevant.

I can’t find Navigate in the App Store?

If you are an international student, you may need to set your local address for your Apple Store or Google Play account.

Can I Access Navigate if I Don’t Have a Smartphone?

Absolutely! You can still use the desktop version.