Video: How to Access Navigate

Video Transcript:


Hi, it's Catherine. 

We hope you enjoyed our first video, "Introducing Navigate." This is the next video, "How to Access Navigate." 

To access Navigate, you'll first need to download the Navigate app or login to Navigate using a web browser. 

To download the Navigate app, go to the app store on your iPhone or to the Google Play Store and search for "Navigate Student" to access the web version of Navigate. 

Go to the DCCCD homepage, that's And click on "Online Tools" located in the upper right-hand side of the page. 

When you click on the drop-down menu, click on Navigate. 

After you access Navigate, whether that's in the app or the web version, you're going to see a login screen. 

To log in, you'll use the same information you use for eConnect. 

Now before we log in, just a reminder, make sure you're using Google Chrome as your internet browser to experience Navigate to its fullest. You can use Navigate in other internet browsers, but in Google Chrome, you really get to experience more of the features in Navigate than you would with other browsers. So we suggest using Google Chrome. 

Now let's get back to logging in! When you log in, you're going to use your seven-digit ID number with the letter "e" before it. So "e", your seven-digit ID number, and then put the symbol "@" and put So that's "e", whatever those seven-digit numbers are for your ID, Then enter your password that you use for E connect. 

Thanks for watching. 

Look for our next video, "Exploring Navigate."