Video: Introducing Navigate

Video Transcript:


Hi, I'm Catherine. 

I work with Guided Pathways here at DCCCD, and today we're introducing you to Navigate. 

So what's navigate? Navigate is a free tool that will help you plan your college journey. 

For example, using the Navigate tool, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor, and schedule that appointment fast. No more emailing back and forth between you and your advisor. Just look up their availability and schedule an appointment with them at a time that works for the both of you.

With Navigate you don't have to ask, "Did I miss that deadline?" Because reminders and resources are just at your fingertips. 

You'll get reminders about the first day you can register for classes, when to turn in scholarship applications, when your tuition is due, and when the deadline is to submit a FAFSA. 

Got an appointment you want to remember or a test you don't want to forget? You can also add those personal reminders in Navigate. Now with Navigate, all campus resources are just a click away. 

Need help with that English course? Navigate can direct you to your campus' Tutoring and Writing Center resources. 

Got a big paper due or need a quiet place to study? You can find the library hours, location, and website all in Navigate! 

Got questions about financial aid? No problem! Find the financial aid office information right here in Navigate, too.

Thanks for watching. 

Look for the next video on, "How to Access Navigate."