eConnect Get My Sign-In ID User Guide

​​​​​​​​Pu​rpose of this Guide

This manual is intended to aid and serve as a how-to guide for using eConnect to access your Dallas College Online Services Sign-In ID. The result screen will display your 7-digit Student/Employee/Retiree ID in addition to your Online Services Sign-In ID.

Find the eConnect Screen

  1. Start by going to
  2. Select a relevant constituency menu (i.e. Student, Employee or Faculty).
  3. In the My eConnect Account sub-menu, choose Get My Student/Employee/Retiree ID.
under My eConnect Account Heading click get my student/employee ID

Enter all Required Information

  1. Enter your Last Name on file with the Dallas College.
  2. Enter your Birth Date in MMDDYY format.
  3. Enter your SSN without dashes. *

*Some students do not have an SSN on file with the Dallas College. They cannot obtain their Online Services Sign-In ID through this process. To retrieve this information, students should contact their preferred campus' ​Registrar’s office.

If unable to enter social security number contact the registrar's office  

Get the Results

  • Student/Employee/Retiree ID is a 7-digit number.
  • Online Services Sign-In ID will be in e7 or 3 x 4 format. (i.e. e9876543 or cba4321)
your IDs are shown

Frequently Asked Questions

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Download the Printable eConnect Get My Sign-In I​D User Guide (PDF - 1.1MB)