Update My Challenge Question

​​Update My Challenge Question

Enhanced Security is an optional feature that is available when you set up or update​ your Challenge Question​​. If enabled, it will provide additional security on your eConnect account by requiring that you answer your Challenge Question before accessing the following screens:

  • My Disbursements

  • Update My Email Address

If you want the enhanced security feature enabled, you can also enable or disable this option in Update My Challenge Question in eConnect. You will receive notification when you make a change.

Follow these steps to update your challenge question:

Step 1:

In the address bar of a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox), enter econnect.dcccd.edu.

Screenshot of the address bar of a web browser with econnect.dcccd.edu entered. 

Step 2:

On eConnect, choose Current Credit Student Menu.

Screenshot of the eConnect home page with Current Credit Student Menu highlighted. 

Step 3:

Under My eConnect Account section, choose Update My Challenge Question.

Screenshot of the eConnect Current Credit Students Menu with Update My Challenge Question highlighted. 

Step 4:

On the Log In page, enter your Student ID and Password. Then click Submit.

Screenshot of the eConnect Log In page with the ID and password fields highlighted. 

Step 5:

Enter the answer to your current Challenge Question and click Submit.

Screenshot of Update My Challenge Question process ordered: 1) Enter an Answer to the question 2) Click Submit. 

Step 6:

Follow these steps on the My Challenge Question page:

  1. Select a Question.
  2. Screenshot of the My Challenge Question page showing the drop down list of questions. Displayed questions: 01 – What is the last name of your favorite elementary school teacher? 02 - What is the last name of your favorite actor? 03- What is the last name of your favorite author? 04 – What is the last name of your favorite athlete? 05 – What is the name of the place you would most like to visit? 06 – What is your secret word? 07 – What is the name of your favorite pet?. 
  3. Enter the Answer to the question.

    Be sure the answer is something only you would know and that could not be easily guessed by someone else. It should not be the same as your eConnect Password, and it is case sensitive.

  4. Re-Enter the Answer.
  5. (Optional) Click on the check box to enable or disable enhanced security for your account.
  6. Click the Submit button.
screenshot of my challenge question with the sorted process: 1) Type an answer in the question field. 2) Type your answer in the answer field. 3) Type an answer in the field of re-enter answer. 4) Click Submit. 


  • you will be locked out of your account for 45 minutes after 6 failed attempts to log in.

  • you will be required to submit a written request and provide personal identification to your campus Admissions/Registrar's office in order to reset it manually. See the Manual Challenge Question Reset page to learn how to complete the manual reset procedure.​