eCampus Profile


Updating your eCampus Profile Picture and Personal Information. Did you know you can change your eCampus profile picture and add personal information?

Once you have logged into eCampus, click on your name next to the settings gear near the top right of the menu bar, then select Profile from the drop-down menu.

In the Edit My User Profile screen, click the Change Picture button. Select a profile picture by clicking My Computer, then clicking the Upload button to navigate to an image on your computer.

Once your image has been selected, click the Add button to return to the profile screen.

While we are here, let's add a tagline, interests, and hobbies. A tagline can be a personal motto or saying such as, Education is a never-ending source of knowledge, and it helps other students remember you better.

Next, add your interests and hobbies. This can help you find common interests with other students. Examples might include blogging, cooking, playing chess, and photography.

Double-check your work, then click, Save and Close.