Find Your Student ID on eConnect/Self-Service


Find Your Student ID on eConnect​/Self-Service

Your student ID is a seven-digit number assigned to you after Dallas College receives your application.

Follow the steps below to find your student ID on eConnect.

Step 1: In the address bar of a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), enter

Screenshot of the address bar of a Firefox web browser showing the URL  

Step 2: At the upper right of the page, select ONLINE TOOLS. Then select eConnect.

Screenshot of the Dallas College homepage with the Online Tools menu expanded. eConnect is highlighted on the tool menu.  

Step 3: Depending on the type of student you are, choose either Current Credit Student Menu OR Continuing Education/Workforce Training Student Menu.

Screenshot of the eConnect main menu. Annotation indicates the user should choose either the Current Credit Student Menu or the Continuing Education/Workforce Training Student Menu.  

Step 4: Under the “My eConnect Account” heading, select Get My Student/Employee/Retiree ID.

Screenshot of the Current Credit Students Menu on eConnect. The Get My Student/Employee/Retiree ID link is highlighted.  

Step 5: Enter your Last Name.

Step 6: Enter your Birth Date using two digits for the month, two digits for the day and four digits for the year. For example, enter 01/01/1990 for January 1, 1990.

Step 7: Enter your nine-digit social security number (SSN). Do not use dashes to separate the numbers.

Step 8: Click Submit.

Screenshot of the Get My Student/Employee/Retiree ID online request form. The Last Name, Birth Date, and SSN (social security number) fields are highlighted. The submit button is also highlighted.  

Step 9: The results screen will display your student ID.

Screenshot of the My Employee/Student/Retiree ID results page. The Student/Employee ID is highlighted.