Video: Forgot/Reset My Password

Video Transcript:

The forgot/reset my password is a brief tutorial that will show you how to reset your password in eConnect. 

Go go to the DCCCD home page. Type in the web address at the top. 

Select eConnect. Select Current Credit Student Menu.

Under "My eConnect Account," find and select "Forgot/Reset My Password" link.

Enter your last name, birth date, e-mail address and seven-digit student ID number.

The information must match what is in your student ID record. If it does not match, please contact your admissions office to verify your information.

Click "Submit" when you're finished.

Now you're ready to create a new password. It must be at least 12 characters, include upper and lowercase [letters], a number or a special character. Do not include any part of your name as the password.

When you confirm your password, select "Submit."

Now, your password has been reset.