Log In to eCampus and Access Your Courses


Learn how to:

Important: The recommended internet browsers are Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Do not use Internet Explorer.Use the Blackboard online Browser Checker to verify whether your browser supports the most recent release of Blackboard Learn.


Step 1: Go to eCampus.dcccd.edu.

Step 2: Select “Access My Courses Now.”

Screenshot of Dallas College eCampus Log In page.  Options: Access My Courses Now or I Need Help Signing In   Student Username Example: e1234567@student.dcccd.edu   Faculty Username Example: abc1234@dcccd.eduu.   Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. See a list of supported browsers.   Select Access My Courses Now. 

Step 3: Log in with your Dallas College username and password.

Screenshot of Dallas College organizational account Log In page.  Sign In with your organization account   someone@example.com   Password   Option: Sign in   Student Login ID example: e9876543@student.dcccd.edu   Employee Login ID example: abc1234@dcccd.edu.   Student and Employee Help.   Enter Username and Password and select Sign In. 

Access Your Courses

The “Institution Page” is the first thing you see after logging in to eCampus.

Screenshot of Dallas College eCampus Institution Page.   Current Student Links: eConnect for Current Students, Student Email, Career Services, Events & Calendar, Student Resources & Services.   Student Support: Ready for Day One, Success Coaches, Technical Support, Learning Support - Library, Tutoring, IncludED, etc., Dallas College Police.   Student Care Network: Student Care Network - Basic Needs, Counseling, Health, etc., Food Pantries, Shelter, Emergency Aid, Transportation.  

To access your courses, select “Courses” in the menu on the left side of the screen. Click the name of a course to access it.

Screenshot of Dallas College eCampus Courses Page.   In grid view, 4 support courses are displayed. Use the drop-down menu in the top center to select the type of courses or use the search or filter options to navigate to your desired course. 

What if I don’t see my course?

If you have enrolled in a course and do not see it when you log in to eCampus, or if you see the message "You are not currently enrolled in any courses," please check back on the start date of the class.

If you still don't see your course after the start date, please contact Student Technical Support at 866-374-7169 (Dual Credit: 972-669-6555). You can also visit the technical support website.

Explore Tools and Features in eCampus

NEW Navigation Menu

You can select any link from the left-hand navigation menu anywhere in eCampus and in all your courses. To learn more about the new navigation,


Log Out of eCampus

Step 1: Select “Sign Out” on the left-hand navigation menu.

Screenshot of the Dallas College eCampus navigation menu.   Options: Institution Page, Your Name, Activity Stream, Courses, Organizations, Calendar, Messages, Grades, Assist, Tools, and Sign Out.    Select Sign Out. 

Step 2: Select “End session and log out.”

Screenshot of Blackboard Log Out page. You logged out of Blackboard Learn, but your single sign-on (SSO) session is still active. While this browser is open, you can access other applications within the SSO network without needing to sign in again. To protect your privacy, close all browser windows when you are finished, especially if you are using a public computer. We'll end your session automatically in two minutes unless you choose to continue the session. Do you want to end your SSO session?  Options: End session and log out or Continue SSO session. 

Step 3: Select “End Session.”

Screenshot of popout window. Are you sure you want to end your SSO session and log out of associated applications?   Options: Cancel or End Session.   Select End Session. 

Where Do I Get Help? 

Have questions or concerns about eCampus? The Dallas College Technical Support team is available 24/7 to assist you.