Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Any Dallas College student who has registered for classes can pay online using a debit or credit card with the AMEX, BC Card, DinaCard, Discover, Master Card or Visa logo.

Note: This option does not apply for setting up a payment plan. See the Create a Payment Plan tutorial.

Follow the steps below to make a payment on eConnect:

Step 1:

In the address bar of a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox), enter


Step 2:

On eConnect, choose Current Credit Students Menu.

Screenshot of the eConnect home page with arrow pointed at Current Credit Student Menu. 

Step 3:

Under the Payment & Disbursements section, choose Touchnet Payment Center

Screenshot of the eConnect Current Credit Student Menu with arrow pointed at Touchnet Payment Center. 

Step 4:

Enter your Username and click Next.

Username Format: letter "e" + your 7-digit student ID number + “”

Username Example:

If you do not know your ID number, see Find Your Student ID Number on eConnect.

Screenshot of Dallas College Sign in page. Enter email field and Next button are highlighted. The Enter email field has the following example: 

Step 5:

Enter your Dallas College password and click Sign in.

See What is my Dallas College Password? if you forgot or need to reset your password.
Screenshot of Dallas College organizational account Login page. The password entry field and Sign in button are highlighted. 

Step 6:

Under Student Account, click the Make Payment button.

Screenshot of Student Account with Make Payment highlighted. 

Step 7:

On the Account Payment page:

  1. Select your Payment Date if you want to make the payment in the future. Click the calendar icon to adjust the payment date (make sure it is before your due date).

  2. Click the Pay by term option button to select the term.

  3. Enter the amount you want to pay up to the amount due for that term. Make sure to pay total before your due date.
  4. Click Continue.

Screenshot of Account Payment process: 1) Set Payment Date, 2) Pay by term, 3) Enter amount, and 4) Click Continue.  

Step 8:

To pay your balance:

  1. Click the arrow on the Method drop-down box and select the method of payment.

  2. Click Continue.

Screenshot of the process for payment: 1) Select method of payment and 2) Click Continue.  

Step 9:

When processing is complete, you will receive a confirmation of your payment.