Navigate Student Desktop App Quick Guide: Class Schedule

  1. ​​Please select Class Schedule under the Explore menu list. Once the corresponding term begins, students may view their currently registered classes for that term. There are two calendar views - List View and Schedule View. ​From the Navigate links, select My Class Schedule to view classes registered for the current semester. There is a tab for List View and Schedule View.

  2. List View shows registered classes in a list. The default class schedule option is for List View. In this example, there are no classes available to view. When available,  classes will be shown in a vertical list.

  3. Schedule View shows registered classes on a weekly calendar table, with columns showing the days of the week (Monday to Friday) and rows representing the hours in the day, starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. Select the Schedule View tab to view classes in a weekly calendar view. The calendar has days of the week Monday to Friday as columns. The calendar has each hour of the day as rows, starting at 7:00 am, ending at 10:00 pm.

  4. Click Go Back to return to the prior screen. At the top of the page, click Go Back to return to the Navigate Homepage.