Navigate Student Desktop App Quick Guide: Messages

  1. P​lease select Messages under the Explore menu list. Remember that students chose notification options during account confirguration.
    From the Navigate links, select Messsages to view messages. In this example, there is a statement that the student has not yet opted-in to receive messages.

  2. Notice there is an option to filter received messages by the following categories: Academic Plan, Unread, Flagged. In the top left corner of the Messages page is a filter icon. Filter options include All, Academic Plan, Unread and Flagged.

  3. Select the hyperlink Opt-into email notifications to activate email and/or text notifications. click the link Opt-into email notifications, to opt-in to receive email messages in the Navigate App.

  4. Under the Notification Settings – Contact Information Section, there will be an option to add a phone number for receiving text messages, if not already provided by the student. Click the link Enter Phone Number to add the phone number. Notification Settings opens and first there is an option to enter a phone number. Click the link Enter Phone Number to add a phone number.
  5. A pop-up menu will option to allow the addition of a phone number. Please note the phone number should only contain 10 digits (the 3 digit area code and 7 digit phone number) without hyphens or spaces. Click Send Text Confirmation. Phone Number Confirmation. Enter phone number then select the button, Send Text Confirmation to text a 6 digit confirmation number to the phone number. the number is correct.

  6. Enter the 6 digit Confirmation Code then click Verify Confirmation Code to finalize phone number update. 

  7. The updated phone number will now be viewable. The confirmed phone number will update to the Navigate App.

  8. Notice the student official college email address is located below the student phone number. Student official email address, which is the letter e in front for the student identification number, followed by

  9. Under the section Send Me Notifications about… students may opt in or opt out to email and text messages by selecting the check box for each item located to the right of the type of notification. Notification Options include: Personal Reminders, Academic Planner Notifications and Must Do Steps. To save preferences, click Update SettingsUnder the section Send me notifications about... there are options to click the checkboxes to the left of each item and receive text messages and email for Personal reminders, Academic Planner Notifications, Must do steps. An empty checkbox equals opt-out, a checked checkbox equals opt-in. At the bottom right corner of the page select button Update Settings to accept settings.

  10. Note: Students may also update email and text notification preferences in the Settings page as described in the Settings tutorial​.