Navigate Student Mobile App Quick Guide: Getting Started


Don't have a smartphone? Students can still use the desktop version at URL

  • Please use Google Chrome to access the Desktop Web App, not all features work in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer or Firefox Browsers.
  • When using the Navigate App (Mobile or Desktop) you have to log in with your Dallas College email account and password.

Students must have an active eConnect account before logging into the Student Navigate App. If you have not set-up your eConnect account, please complete the steps described on this video tutorial, Setting Up an Account in eConnect.

Download and Install the Mobile App

  1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the mobile app. Search "Navigate Student" to locate the app, then install the app. (Note: The app appears and works the same on iOS and Android operating systems.)
    iOS App Store. Navigate Student. Mobile App.  
    Google Play store. Navigate Student Mobile App.  
  1. Once installed, search for "Dallas County Community College District."
    Navigate Mobile App. Select school screen. 
    Select school prompt. showing search textbox at top of screen containing the typed words Dallas County and the option to select Dallas County Community College District below the search textbox. 
    Notification screen with message Loading login page. 

  1. Use your official college email account and password to log in.
    User official DCCCD student email login prompt. 
    User password login prompt. 
    Two factor authentication screen showing prompt to enter authentication code. 

  1. Read the information on each of the three Welcome Tour screens and select the App Privacy Settings for which you are most comfortable.
    Welcome Tour. Welcome screen. 
    Welcome Tour. Choose Push Notifications for email and Text Messages Prompt. 
    Welcome Tour. Choose Notifications option for alerts, sounds and icon badges prompt. 
  2. Notice the mobile app homepage has a welcome sentence, today’s current date, an option to add a Reminder, pending holds, and under the section Explore, eight tools available for selection.
    Default home page for the mobile app, listing from top to bottom: Welcome sentence, today's date, a menu item to Add a Reminder, Pending Holds, and the Explore section, with 8 different tools available for selection.
  3. While using tools, students will have access to select a menu item icon toward the bottom right corner of the screen on many of the tool pages. This icon will return students to the tool selection menu.
    Shortcut icon, a black circle with three horizontal white lines in the center. A menu item shortcut to access the Mobile Apps Tool menu. 
    Pop-up menu showing the 9 Mobile App Tools, along with an extra menu item (appearing as a black circle with a white X in the middle)  used to close the pop-up screen.