Video: Online Registration Requirements

Video Transcript:

This video will demonstrate how to prepare to register for classes by building a worksheet of classes and then adding them to your planned schedule of classes. 

It's important to note that building a worksheet and adding classes to your plan do not enroll you in those classes. 

However, it will make it easier to register for those classes later. 

To build your worksheet, first navigate to the eConnect main menu page at 

Click Log In in the upper right. 

Enter your student ID and password, and then click the Submit button. 

Click Current Credit Students Menu. 

Then, click the Find Credit Classes link, which is located in the Prepare to Register section of the page. 

In the Search tab, enter criteria for the class or classes you're interested in taking. 

Let's say that you're working on an online degree and need to take Accounting 2301 and BCIS 1305 during the fall semester. 

In the Search tab, make sure the term is fall 2017. 

Under Colleges, select the check box for All Colleges. If you don't select All Colleges, you may not find the online class you need to take. 

In the Courses section, click the Distance Learning Courses check box, so the search results will be limited to online class sections. 

To add Accounting 2301 to the search criteria. 

Click the course dropdown icon, and then select Accounting. 

Click the course number dropdown icon, and then select 2301. 

Next, click the Add button. 

To add BCIS 1305 to the search criteria, click the Course dropdown icon, and then select BCIS.

Click the course number dropdown icon, and then select 1305. 

Click the Add button.

If you need to remove a course from the search criteria, click the course's Remove button. 

You can add day and time options, but adding them may unnecessarily limit the classes in the search results. 

Click the Search button to launch the search for classes that match the criteria you specified. The search results are displayed. 

The Add column for each section contains an icon that indicates if the class can be added to the worksheet. 

To see if the section can be added to your worksheet, hover the mouse pointer over the icon. 

The sections with a green open lock symbol are available and can be added to the worksheet. 

A section with the yellow lock symbol is a pending section, which means you can add it to your worksheet, but you won't be able to register for the class until it's opened for registration. 

To add sections of Accounting 2301 and BCIS 1305 to the worksheet, first locate a section of Accounting 2301 in the search results list, and then click its screen lock icon. 

This section is now in the worksheet. 

Next, locate a section of BCIS 1305, and then click its green lock icon. 

If necessary, scroll to the top of the page so you can see the worksheet. 

Click the Show Detail button to make it easier to review the details of the sections you added to the worksheet. 

Remember, adding a class to the worksheet does not mean that you're registered for that class. 

The worksheet is simply a tool that helps you plan your schedule. 

If you like, you can use the Print button to get a print out of the classes. 

eConnect has a tool called Plan My Schedule that allows you to create a schedule of classes that you plan to take. 

You can add the classes in your worksheet to this schedule by clicking the Add to My Plan button. 

If prompted to log in, log in as directed. 

A confirmation page is displayed. 

It confirms that the classes have been added to your plan and reminds you that you're not actually registered for the classes. 

If you are eligible to register online, you can log in to eConnect, and then use the Plan My Schedule or Register link in the student menu to register for those classes. 

If you need search for additional classes, click the Continue Search button to return to the Find Credit Classes page. 

Otherwise, click the Log Out of Plan button to exit. 

To view your planned schedule of classes or remove a class from your plan, use the Plan My Schedule option on the Credit Student Menu. 

You will need to be logged into eConnect before you can use this option. 

So, before you register for classes, try using the Find Credit Classes feature to locate your classes, and then add them to planned schedule of classes. 

However, don't forget that you still need to officially register for those classes.