Forgot/Reset Your Password in eConnect

Forgot/Reset My Password

Follow these steps to reset your password in eConnect:

Step 1:​​

In the address bar of a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox), enter

Screenshot of the address bar of a web browser with entered. 

Step 2:

From the eConnect Main Menu, click the Current Credit Students Menu link on the eConnect main menu screen.

Screenshot of the eConnect home page with the Current Credit Student Menu highlighted. 

Step 3:

Under the My eConnect Account section, click Forgot/Reset My Password.

Screenshot of My eConnect Account section of the credit student menu with the Forgot/Reset My Password highlighted. 

Step 4:

In the Forgot/Reset My Password window, enter the following information:

1. Enter your last name in the Last Name Field.

2. Enter your Birth Date as a two-digit month, day, and four-digit for the year. For example, enter January 1, 1990 as 01/01/1990.

3. Enter your Student ID number or social security number (SSN).

4. Click SUBMIT.

Screenshot of the Forgot/Reset My Password screen with the Last Name, Birth Date, Student ID and Submit highlighted. 

The information must match what is in your student record. If it does not match, please contact your Admissions Office to verify your information.

Step 5:

On the Forgot/Reset My Password page:

1. Enter your new password in the New Password field.

2. Retype password in the Confirm Password field.

3. Click the SUBMIT button.

Screenshot of the Forgot/Reset My Password: Create a New Password window with the New Password, Confirm Password and Submit highlighted. 

Important Notes:

Your new password must meet the following Dallas College Password Requirements:

• Must be at least 12 characters long

• Do not include any part of your name as the password

• Common phrases and spaces are not supported

• Your password must contain 3 of the following four components:

  • Uppercase letter A-Z
  • Lowercase letter a-z
  • Number 0-9
  • Including at least one if the following special characters: , . `~ ! # $ % * ( ) |

You have completed the password reset process and can now log in.

Screenshot of the Forgot/Reset My Password: Results window with the following message highlighted: You have completed the password reset process. Please click one of the menu buttons below and Log in.